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Cannelloni 65 is “one of ten best dishes in Houston” according to Houston Press

cannelloni recipe

The Cannelloni 65 is “one of the most ethereal, satisfying, well-made bites in the city, pasta or otherwise,” writes Phaedra Cook for the Houston Press. It’s one of her list of “10 Best Dishes to Eat in Houston” for 2015.

“The chicken-stuffed cannelloni was offered at Tony’s when it first opened 50 years ago. Referred to affectionately as “Cannelloni ’65,” it’s a delicate tube of pasta filled with ground chicken and spinach, simply seasoned with salt and pepper. The cannelloni rests in a shallow pool of warm, velvety béchamel. (Vallone is an adept saucier — a skill he has taught his cooks over the years.) The top of the cannelloni is encrusted with Pecorino Romano and baked until the cheese is golden-brown. The final touch that gives the dish the same color palette as the Italian flag is a thin strip of marinara run artfully across the top, and adorned with a single basil leaf.”

The Cannelloni is just one of the dishes on Tony’s New Year’s multi-course, multi-choice menu this year.
Check out the complete menu and New Year’s Eve dining options here.

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